Fast-growing deciduous tree to 40-80’ tall x 30-40’ wide with age. This handsome, vigorous-growing variety exhibits a very uniform branching habit and features large, maple-like bright-green leaves that turn a bronzy yellowish-gold in the fall. Inconspicuous flowers appear in spring, followed by 1-1 ½” round green fruit that mature to brown and persist into fall and winter. Adding further appeal to this popular landscape specimen is its smooth peeling bark in shades of green, gray and tan. Revered for its ability to withstand urban conditions, tolerating smog, dust and reflected heat, this grateful variety is also anthracnose resistant (a foliage crippling disease that affects some sycamore varieties) and grows in a variety of different soil types. Well-suited as a street, park or lawn tree, and thrives in a full sun exposure with regular watering in a well-drained soil.