Quality Policy Statement

Beautiful, Healthy, Established Tree Stock.

It is the company’s objective to use Quality Management to integrate the principles of continual improvement of systems and processes involving employees and working with customers and suppliers. 

Our Company is dedicated to providing the highest level of Customer Service, Quality and Productivity, commensurate with the contracted conditions and agreed Customer expectations. 

Our company has a commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of the system and work processes. 

It is by the total involvement of all company members in its quality process that the company continually improves its current business and look for new opportunities to grow as a successful and profitable Australian service provider. 

To achieve the above, Carbon G / Ravensbourne Trees will: 

  • Make quality work the joint responsibility of management and employees. Our commitment is to utilise every available means to do it right the first time. 
  • Ensure that customer expectation, as well as specifications, are an integral part of every program. 
  • Apply a quality planning system to ensure effective implementation of every new program to meet our Quality goals. 
  • Commit to an ongoing training program for all new and existing employees. 
  • Promote quality awareness and employee work involvement in quality improvement programs.